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Natural Headache Relief Can Bring A Permanent Solution

Natural headache relief can bring you a permanent solution to the problem. However, this is unlikely to be an instantaneous occurrence or one you can manage yourself. This is particularly so if the headache is of a chronic type.

natural headache reliefHeadaches occur for a variety of reasons. They often occur as a result of tension held in the neck and shoulders. They can be from dehydration. They can accompany menstrual cycles or other health issues. They can be because there is something seriously wrong. And a million other reasons.

While analgaesics are the common way to deal with headaches, so that you can keep going, stay in the game, keep working, etc, to do so is fraught with problems and danger.

Headaches are an important way your body is telling you all is not well. You would be well advised to stop whatever you are doing and evaluate why it has occurred.

Sometimes it is obvious, and dealing with it is easy, although you may not get immediate improvement. Sometimes, you need to sleep or rest for an hour or two, after dealing with what you consider may be the cause. Acute headaches are the easiest to treat.

Chronic headaches or people with a tendency to get headaches need to seek professional advice. Trying to deal with these headaches with over-the-counter natural remedies may not give you the resolution you are hoping for.

Yet permanent resolution is possible.

Let’s first look at some natural headache relief measures you can put into action today.

The foods that can trigger a headache in anyone are processed foods, including white sugar, white flour, synthetic flavours, colouring, preservatives, etc and artificial sweetener. In fact, any synthetic or artificial ‘food’ is going to have the potential to do you harm, so it’s good to avoid them altogether.

Alcohol is another obvious cause of headaches, because it can lead to dehydration and liver toxicity. For some, gluten may be the trigger, so that may be worth cutting out for a month or two. Coffee is a diuretic so if you aren’t drinking enough but do drink a lot of coffee, again you may be dehydrated.

GMO foods are bad for health in general, so it’s best to know where they may be lurking (many in processed foods) and avoid these.

Processed and synthetic foods are always detrimental to your health and can lead to serious problems, which you and your GP are unlikely to connect. So learning to be savvy of health destroying ‘foods’ and appreciated those that are health giving, could save you your life.

However, there is also a natural system of health care that has the ability to resolve your headache, even when you don’t take appropriate action to remove the cause. This is homeopathic treatment and I am always amazed that it can remove problems even when the cause is still present.

It does mean though, that it will keep recurring until the cause is removed. But it is amazingly powerful in its ability to cut through problems.

And if the cause of the headaches is something sinister, then both your improved nutrition and your homeopathic treatment is likely to undermine this and put you back on the road to good health.

This may take time, so don’t be in a hurry. As long as you see improvement along the way, stay with it. I know of no better solution than homeopathy as natural headache relief, or any problem relief for that matter.


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