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Causes of Pain Are Many But Heavy Metals is One

The causes of pain are many and varied and each should be treated not only differently according to what it is, but also according to your individual and personal symptoms. However, without a doubt, diet is one of the main culprits, but your doctor will have no idea of this, as their training in nutrition is virtually nil.

causes of painSupposing you are suffering with chronic body pain, the cause of the pain is most likely inflammation and that frequently happens from a poor diet. This means it is counter-productive to your long term health, to take pain killers, cortisone or other suppressive drugs. The far better approach is to deal with the cause rather than the effect.

Change your diet.

Likewise, if the cause of your pain is an injury, then taking anti-inflammatory drugs impede the healing. Not only that, but medical drugs use the approach that ‘one size fits all’ whereas this is far from the truth.

Another area that is rarely addressed by doctors is the levels of heavy metals in your body. Arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminium and even iron can be a problem when the levels are higher than occurs in nature. With the lid off environmental controls in industry across much of the world, these levels are soaring.

Heavy metals can be consumed in the food you eat, in the air you breathe, on contact with certain substances and from the medications your doctor prescribes you.

Food contaminants come from the chemicals used to grow the food. It isn’t just motor fumes that contaminate the air, although that may be one of the highest. Household cleaners are often a major source of both air and contact contamination. Probably everyone now knows that mercury and aluminium are contained in vaccines.

But a blind eye is being turned to these common causes of pain and ill health.

Some of the common and painful symptoms of heavy metal toxicity can mimic a variety of other conditions, so can be easily overlooked by someone simply trying to diagnose a condition in able to match a drug to it.

These include chronic headaches or migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, autoimmune diseases (such as celiac, irritable bowel, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), depression, any chronic infections such as asthma or sinusitis, ADD, ADHD, chronic lyme disease and many others.

You can have a test done to measures the amounts and types of heavy metals you have. Typically this is a hair analysis test.

What can you do to eliminate these heavy metals from your body, whether or not you have a hair analysis done?

The first thing you need to address is your diet. You need to cut out all processed foods and start eating only fresh produce. Animal protein can also be a source of contamination. Most farm animals are fed high levels of antibiotics and hormones. Most are now fed GM food stuffs.

This is a sure way to help improve your health in every way, whatever the cause. How? Because now you are giving your body the right nutrition, the one it recognises, to remedy any problem, to stir the immune system into action.

There are also some great individual plants and herbs which are good at targeting a specific problem, because they are so rich in micronutrients or high in a specific nutrient.

Green leafy vegetables, consumed raw, have incredible abilities to improve your health because they are rich in a wide range of essential nutrients. Kale and cilantro (coriander) are particularly good for helping your body deal with every illness, including eliminating heavy metals. A good blue/green algae is at the top of the list for these foods, too.

Along with improving your diet, good homeopathic treatment can support your natural health whatever the causes of the problem. Homeopathy works by supporting your immune system, by helping it work as it should, as it was designed to. Once your immune system is in good working order, it can heal your body of its ails, including supporting the elimination of the heavy metals.

This is what your immune system was designed to do – to keep you healthy. So honour it and look after it.

Good homeopathic treatment sees you as the individual you are. It helps restore balance and harmony. It supports your journey to better health. In seeking answers to your causes of pain, you may be lead to the dynamic transformation you have been seeking.

I know of no better combination for restoring health to the sick than a good diet and good homeopathic treatment, all other factors considered.


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