Are health supplements helpful? In general, most people have an unhealthy attitude to their health as well as how to remain healthy. They often think that taking health supplements will somehow make them healthy even when they may know many of their habits are not. People follow the mainstream narrative or the habits of a lifetime. Then when things go pear shaped, they pop a few pills in an attempt to fix things.

Rarely does that work. It’s a bit like putting a plaster on a broken bone. It’s not going to do a lot of good. Instead, you have to look at the overall problem. Or employ someone who can.

The medical profession simply follows the rules of the club, ie match a drug to the condition. As most people are beginning to discover, that tends to make things worse. It suppresses rather than heals.

Look At The Deeper Problem

When you have any health issue, it isn’t necessarily simple. The body tries so hard to maintain your health, despite all the bad things that are done to it. It does have great reserves, which is why it can be difficult to pinpoint an action to the health decline.

But sooner or later the reserves start to run down. When that happens, health starts to decline:

  • you become more tired, exhausted
  • you become irritable or anxious
  • your weakness may start to show up, such as frequent headaches, muscle or nerve pain, etc
  • sleep is affected

So often these areas are either ignored, or a medical pill is popped. Even one course of antibiotics can upset your gut microbiome for a whole year. And so your digestion becomes affected, adding to your problems.

Things tend to continue to decline.

No medical pill can build those reserves back up. What will?

What Causes A Health Decline?

Whilst the medical industry like to blame your genes for every health issue imaginable, they are very wrong. What DOES affect your health is your environment. This can be loosely divided into three basic areas that cause a decline in health:

  • lifestyle – this can include being unhappy or unfulfilled, being stressed, anxious or irritable, not relaxing enough, not being true to yourself
  • diet – dieticians and government policies encourage very poor diets
  • health care – the medical industry focuses on matching a drug to a medical label, as they’ve been taught to by the drug companies. This is suppression rather than healing.

No one can be healthy when they’re unhappy, stressed, anxious or irritable a lot of the time. Often an easy change can make all the difference. In other situations, a change can be too hard or too big to manage quickly. But changes are essential if you’re in a situation that leads to bad health.

Diet has undergone a revolution under the guiding hand of T Colin Campbell PhD. But the world is slow to respond and continues to eat badly, with no idea of the harm they are causing themselves, and the environment.

Holistic health care, such as homeopathy, offers you a complete, a stunningly effective, as well as an economical way to restore your health and your depleted immune system. This energetic form of health care is based on the terrain theory, a theory that puts the germ theory in the dark ages.

There Are Two Basic Categories Of Health Supplements

Regardless of the price you pay, health supplements can be divided into the ‘cheap’ and the ‘useful’.

The cheap supplements are made in a laboratory. They are synthetic, isolated ‘nutrients’ masquerading as food. If you’re lucky they’ll pass straight through, making expensive poo. If you’re unlucky, they’ll hang up in parts of the body causing mischief that no one will identify as the cause.

You can easily tell which these are by the name on the label, as well as the ingredients. The name will be the ‘nutrient’., such as vitamin C. The ingredient list will itemise all the chemicals in them, but not those that were used in their production, such as catalysts.

They CAN be useful in the short term especially when the condition is dire but not in the long term. And there are better alternatives.

The useful ones are made from food and come in a condensed form. However whenever any food is processed, especially multiple times, they lose some of their potency.

You can easily tell which ones these are as the label will tell you the plant, such as Kakadu Plum, Camu camu or Barbados Cherry. The ingredient list will itemise the plant/s it came from.

Even with these good supplements, they are unable to overcome a dysfunctional microbiome on their own, although they may well give you a boost. And they certainly won’t harm you.

Are Health Supplements Helpful?

To be truly healthy, you need to take responsibility for your health. You need to do the research (truthful, not industry based). If you take a drug, you need to know the consequences (side effects, long term damage, etc). Trying to patch up bad decisions by taking questionable supplements is liable to deplete your pocket rather than improve your health.

Don’t just rely on outsiders to help restore your health. You can’t undo the past, but you can start a new way today. You can make dietary changes. That’s something only you can do.

You can choose better health care options, such as homeopathy. In time, you may be able to make big, positive changes in your lifestyle.

Real health is a complicated subject. And there is probably a lot of harm that needs undoing. Are health supplements helpful in restoring health? The right ones can be, in combination with an overall change to your health care, but on their own, it’s doubtful when you’re in serious trouble.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with chronic pain and other health issues and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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