Can homeopathy help with your pain? Can it help with chronic pain? Can it help with serious pain that you’ve had for years, when you have seen many medical doctors and specialists as well as a variety of natural therapists, to little avail?

can homeopathy help your pain

The answer is a resounding yes!

Pain is debilitating. It can affect everything you do. It can limit you in ways you find frustrating. It can limit you in work and play. Your life seems on hold.

The medical treatment for pain starts off with analgaesics, which usually help at least initially. However, they also damage your liver and your immune system. This often results in a shorter temper, which doesn’t endear you to your family and friends. As their effect wanes, more drastic measures are used, stronger drugs, surgery. Yet often, the pain remains.

You try a variety of natural health therapists, but that may just give relieve the pain a little. And you have to keep going back regularly.

can homeopathy help your pain

But there is a better way!

Homeopathy is a complete and natural form of health care that always looks for the origin, or cause, of the current problem. For example, if someone was badly injured in a serious car accident, they may still be in pain, even years later, despite all the work done medically.

Broken bones need to be set, gaping wounds need to be stitched together, to allow healing. But the pain of the broken bone, the damaged nerve, the muscles may remain.

Not everyone or every condition can be traced back to a single incident as a cause. Many people can inherit problems their parents or other family members have. This is not uncommon, but in my view, the explanation is much more simple than your fixed genetic codes or DNA. And eminently fixable.

Although I believe diet to be extremely important in maintaining good health, as well as to repairing poor health, I am constantly amazed at how good homeopathic treatment can cut through even this, to restore health. However, the diet often needs to be addressed, to fully restore and maintain good health.

can homeopathy help your pain

Homeopathic practitioners are trained to appreciate that our bodies are already perfect. That we already have incredible abilities to restore health and to prevent ill health, but that something stops us from this very natural process. If you like, a blockage is created.

Homeopathy deals with whatever you are currently experiencing or exhibiting. If it’s pain, the relief from the pain can be immediate. It’s as if the blockage is removed so your body’s innate abilities can now heal you.

Balance and order are restored to how you were before the accident. And sometimes that is enough. That was all you needed. Other times, there may already have been an established problem that was masked under the more intense symptoms.

Appreciate that your body is already perfectly capable of healing itself given the right circumstances. Good homeopathic treatment helps provide those circumstances. The pain your body is currently exhibiting gives a knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner the information necessary to restore order and to relieve pain.