Natural Pain Management

The Dangers of Suppressing Pain 

by Madeleine Innocent 

suppressing pain

The dangers of suppressing pain are not immediately obvious to many a self respecting person. And, sadly, this dangerous practice is encouraged by the mainstream health practitioners who should know better.

Why is this dangerous?

Any and every pain is the body’s way of alerting you to a problem. In an acute situation, such as an injury, this can be quite strong. However, if you are observant, you’ll notice that the pain is worse when you move, for example.

You can take your cue from that message and lie still! Of course, some action may be necessary, such as setting a compound fracture, which may involve pain.

However, after any necessary action, suppressing pain can lead to complications. It masks any messages your body is trying to tell you needs attention.

The pain in chronic conditions invariably starts off as mild, but ramps up when you take no notice.

Does Your Body Let You Down?

Unfortunately, people don’t trust their bodies and often look upon them as letting them down. In fact, the opposite is true. The body ALWAYS tries its very best to cope with the deal you, or your mind, gives it. From:

  • eating the wrong food
  • ingesting and applying toxic food or skin products
  • doing things or participating in actions that go against your core beliefs
  • remaining in an unhappy relationship
  • not taking responsibility for yourself
  • thinking outside ‘experts’ know more than your body

The last item may raise a few eyebrows, but I promise you that your body is your best expert. All you need to do is to trust it, honour its messages and take appropriate action that feels good to you.

Let’s take a common scenario.

Someone eats a food that doesn’t agree with them. It could be a simple food such as bread. Every time they eat it, or eat a bit too much, they get a stomach pain or loose stools. Or both.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that food is bad, although it may. What it means is that your body doesn’t do well on that food. It’s causing harm. If it’s a mild irritant, your body can get used to it over time. That doesn’t mean it’s not causing harm.

If you carry on eating that food and take a pain killer, then you’re heading for trouble. The pain was a strong message that all is not well. And it will get worse if you don’t take heed now.

That’s how many end up on stronger and stronger analgaesics.

One of the great dangers of suppressing pain is that the condition can get so serious and complicated, it shortens your life. In addition, the pain suppressants have an accumulative and deleterious effect on, not least of all that most important organ, your liver.

It makes little difference if the suppressants are medical or more natural, such as kratom.

Instead of popping pills so you can carry on working, appear normal, please others, or any other reason, STOP!

A Different Approach

Take time out to take stock. Ask yourself, and write it down if that feels good to do,

  • what was the original reason that lead me to suppressing pain?
  • is this still valid?
  • can I take appropriate action to resolve this condition?
  • can I get help?
  • what am I doing to my body by ignoring the messages?
  • how best can I support my body?

One of the best outside supports that can help you deal effortlessly and effectively with any pain, whatever the cause or source, is good homeopathic treatment.

Homeopaths work by supporting your body’s best efforts, rather than suppressing them, A good practitioner will be able to guide you to healthier practices, not unlike what a psychologist does, but a lot faster!

If you suffer with any pain, working with a professinal homeopath can lead to their resolution, however long you’ve had it, whatever the cause or source. This includes emotional, mental as well as the more obvious physical pain.

By understanding the very real dangers of suppressing pain and taking appropriate action, that may not be immediately obvious to you, you can leave the pain behind. It doesn’t have to be a life sentence.

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