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One of the main causes of pain is a lack of nutrition. Natural pain management can be as easy as changing your diet or to start eating superfoods. When your diet is not supplying your basic nutritional needs, you are creating a double whammy – lack of essential nutrition and an abundance of the wrong foods.

First let’s examine what the wrong foods do. They create an abundance of free radicals. Free radicals are a normal and natural result of the debris caused by living. It is the letting go of the unwanted, old, dead, diseased or dying tissue. In ‘normal’ quantities, they are easily managed without causing any harm.

But many foods eaten today, even the so called staple foods, are unhealthy in that they accelerate the release of free radicals dramatically. To the point that your body just can’t cope with their elimination fast enough.

And so they create mischief in the form of pain, inflammation and disease.

By increasing your intake of superfoods, they scavenge free radicals at a much faster and more efficient rate, greatly reducing your pain and other health problems.

The common superfoods are blue green algae, organic goji berries and wildcrafted acai (pronounced ah-sign-ee) berries. Although these are highly effective, because they are rich in antioxidants, they can be expensive.

Although not quite so effective, but nonetheless helpful, you can top up on cheaper sources. These include apples, any berries but particularly blueberries and cranberries, in fact any fresh fruit, particularly those which are produced without toxins, such as home grown or organic. You can’t overeat fruit, so the more the merrier!

Seaweed such as kombu is an excellent source of antioxidants, and also adds a great flavour to many dishes.

Any, and plenty, of fresh vegetables, particularly the green leafy variety are also a great way to reduce your pain. Wild or black rice, sweet potatoes and beans such as kidney, pinto, black and navy are rich in antioxidants. Soak overnight and cook your own. Avoid canned beans as they are much less nutritious.

And for the best beverage, you can’t go past green tea. If you don’t particularly enjoy green tea, there are many varieties now emerging. Try them all until you find one that suits you best.

All foods are better if they are toxic free. It’s worth spending the extra on certified organic or wildcrafted foods and limit other expenditure if necessary. You can’t put a price on your health. And pain is so incapacitating.

So limit or eliminate your intake of unhealthy foods and increase your intake of healthy superfoods and you will see a big improvement in your pain. A particularly potent superfood is blue green algae.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with chronic pain and other health issues and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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    • Diane Nash

      I never knew that blue-green algae is considered as one of the superfoods that should be eaten. At my first thought, it’s very disgusting to eat but I think it’s all worth it. I have read an article also with regards to blue green algae that is grown from the clean pure source of klamath lake. It is high in protein and now will be bought as a dietary supplement because it is great for weight loss and could improve our overall health.

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