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Natural Pain Relief Can Be Much More

Natural pain relief is probably one of the most sought after treatments there are. This is for two major reasons – pain can be so debilitating and the common medical solutions are so toxic and damaging to your health and immune system. It seems there is a large number of fatalities from the use of over-the-counter analgaesics.

Interestingly, in a horrified sort of way, a recent (June 2015) Swedish study also cited that those taking opiod painkillers can have a 92% increased chance of killing someone. Pain killers (and anti-depressants) can numb the emotions, making it difficult to think with a conscience.

Two areas that call for most natural pain management are natural back pain relief and natural remedies for arthritis pain.

When looking for any relief to pain, it is always a good idea to look for the cause. Treating the effect without understanding the cause may give you temporary relief, but is also likely to cause your overall health to deteriorate, because this sort of treatment is always suppressive. This means, not only will the problem recur, you are now more susceptible to further health issues.

The majority of health issues fall into three important causes:

  • a lack of nutrition
  • toxicity
  • inheriting an unfavourable energetic imprint from your parents
  • There is a fourth cause – a genetic inheritance. The third issue above is not a genetic tendency, it is more of disturbance. A genetic tendency has a small worsening over each generation, of about 3%. Inheriting an unfavourable energetic imprint can have a much higher incidence, and is much more easily dealt with than real genetic inheritances.

And possibly there is a fifth cause – a lack of exercise. But this is more likely to be a result of the first three causes.

When I talk about causes of pain, I don’t mean that bad neck pain causes a headache or migraine. I mean what was the trigger that started the neck pain? Sure it can be tension, but that’s too vague. What causes the tension? A hectic lifestyle? Too vague. What needs to be examined is at what point in your life did the neck pain start and what was happening at the time?

An injury, an accident, a fright? This will give you the cause. A clear cause can easily be treated successfully with homeopathy. Sometimes the onset is not clear. The problem started mildly and gradually worsened over time.

A Lack of Nutrition 

This is endemic in today’s environment. A busy schedule of work and family makes junk food and fast food attractive. Microwaving the food destroys what little nutrition there is. So you have a busy life, with many demands on your time, and a body that is running on empty, nutritionally. Is it any wonder that problems develop? Chronic pain is a sign that your health is starting the long decline downwards. It’s a wake-up call. Take note and make changes or continue on the slippery slope.

Natural pain relief starts by you taking responsibility for your own health, rather than leaving it to ‘experts’, many of whom have little interest in your health other than your wallet.

The next most important area to tackle is your diet. It is your diet that controls your health. A healthy diet is one that consists of real food – fresh fruit and veggies in abundance, nuts, seeds and whole grains, all certified organic where possible. No processed food, no junk food, no dairy, little animal protein. Even by including omega 3 in an otherwise unchanged diet can have a dramatic effect on your health and your pain.

all natural pain relievers should deal with the cause

This single step, simple though it is, can have a profound effect on your health. Not only can all pain disappear, your weight is likely to equalise to an optimal weight for you and your energy is likely to balance.


This is another area in abundance in today’s climate. Toxins abound in the air we breathe and in the (non-organic) food we eat and drink, even in the clothes we wear. They also abound in all medical drugs. Medical drugs are all chemical based. All chemicals are toxic to the body. Toxins are eliminated as quickly as they can be from the body, but many are taken in too fast and leave an energetic footprint behind, even after the toxins are flushed out.

Vaccines are particularly toxic and to make matters worse, they are injected directly into the body. This bypasses all the natural processes of the body that are in place to prevent the entry of toxins.

Fluoride in the water is another toxin that the body has difficulty with, probably because its intake is relentless. Few water filters are able to filter out fluoride. Almost every bottled water contains fluoride.

So now you are nutritionally compromised, you have a hectic lifestyle and you are toxic. Is there any wonder you have pain in your joints, period pain or are low in energy?

The more toxic you are, the more weight you will carry. Toxins are stored in fat cells. You won’t be able to lose the weight until you eliminate the toxins. This is something the diet industry either doesn’t know about or doesn’t want to know about.

Residual Energetic Footprint

The energetic footprint that you may inherit from your parents is usually from their toxic exposure. For example, if your parents had vaccinations in their lives before your conception, this is likely to be carried over to you. This may not affect you unless your own nutrition is poor and your own toxic load is high.

 The majority of chronic pain is inflammation. The majority of chronic inflammation is because your body is incapable of healing itself. Yet your body is designed to heal itself, but given the above circumstances, it is unable to.

Natural pain relief is all about you taking responsibility for your own health, you eating a healthy and wholesome natural diet.

Ridding yourself of toxicity, especially that which comes from your parents, is best dealt with by good homeopathic treatment.

In conclusion, start by taking responsibility for your own health. Make sure you eat healthy food. Use holistic health care, especially homeopathy, for your pain and any other ailment that crops up. Then you can start living!

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