Managing pain and anxiety naturally is the best way to heal these problems permanently. And often these two issues go together. pain and anxiety

It’s generally not common knowledge that when you have a constant and disempowering thought, sooner or later, it manifests into the physical. This is one of the main reasons medical treatments are so unsuccessful; they only ever treat the physical. And no amount of that will prevent problems returning. You have to focus of helping the thought, turning it around, from negative to positive, from disempowering to empowering.

It isn’t just anxiety that can lead to pain; any disempowering thought that becomes dominant in your thinking, will. It can be fear, anger, frustration, irritability, hatred, revenge, jealousy, insecurity, pessimism and so on.

This can come from outside, such as all the fear mongering that is happening with the Covid 19 (unfortunately bad news sells better than good news). Or it can come from growing up in a situation that didn’t encourage, appreciate, praise.

And, as most people have learned to live with them, you may not even aware of them anymore. Outsiders are better able to see them.

Of course, pain and anxiety can come from hurting yourself accidentally. However, accidents usually happen as a result of negative thoughts. They don’t ‘just happen’. This thought in itself is empowering. If things don’t ‘just happen’, it means you have control over your life.

This is all very easy to say, and much more difficult to enact. In fact, it is probably impossible for most peple to start the process on their own. When you have had a lifetime of self damaging thoughts, it would take a monumental effort on your own, to shift that. That’s not going to happen for most people. More on this later.

What You Should Focus On

However, there is something you CAN do yourself that will help. And help significantly.

Any health problem, whether it be physical, emotional or mental, can only flourish in a body with a low immunity. Many things can lower your immune system, including what has already been discussed. Others include:

  • a poor diet
  • toxins from the outer environment
  • toxins from medical drugs (which suppress rather than heal)
  • a lack of exercise
  • a lack of contact with the outside – fresh air, sun on bare skin, feet on the earth

A poor diet is probably the second most important reason anyone has a low immunity. Fast food, junk food, processed food is just the beginning of the problem. Check out the 40 years experience of this thoroughly honest man.

Toxins in our environment wreak havoc on our bodies. For the most part, they are synthetic and unnatural, so your body has no idea what to do with them. The same applies to medical drugs.

Everyone needs to exercise. It doesn’t have to be hard exercise. Just taking your dog for a 20 minute work twice a day is enough to get things moving. It gets you outside, in the sun (at least some of the time), in the fresh air (especially if you walk in a park, on the beach, anywhere in a natural environment) and helps to ground you. Having an animal with you enhances the benefits.

These areas are not to be skated over. They are VERY important. Even if you are confined to a wheel chair, you CAN (and probably should) change your diet.

Recognising The Need For Professional Help

Getting back to changing your thoughts so that your pain and anxiety can heal forever, professional, good homeopathic treatment offers you the fastest, the easiest, the least dramatic, the surest and the most permanent way to better health. It matters not whether the pain and anxiety if from a minor accident that just doesn’t seem to heal, or from a major, life threatening condition. Or anything in between.

Recognise the things you can (and should) do yourself. And leave the more complicated things to those who know best how to fix them. And then go on to enjoy your life.

Madeleine Innocent

You know how often people struggle with their health? They want to know WHY they suffer with chronic pain and other health issues and all their GP can offer is drugs and surgery? They feel helpless and at the mercy of another. Well, what I do is to help you pinpoint WHY you’re getting sick and implement a strategy that takes you to a feeling of empowerment, of being in control of your life. A strategy that restores your health and allows you to enjoy life.

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