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Supporting Those With Electrosensitiviuty 

by Madeleine Innocent 

supporting those with electrosensitivity

Supporting those with electrosensitivity is generally a complex and ongoing process. Much needs to be done yourself. However, professional guidance and support are very much part of a successful outcome.

Not that long ago, the idea of electrosensitivity, sometimes called electrohypersensitivity, electromagnetic hypersensitivity or microwave sickness, was dismissed by the medical industry as psychosomatic. They often do this when they don’t understand something.

It would behove them to admit they don’t know, rather than belittle people. It’s disrespectful.

What is Electrosensitivity?

This is the name of the condition that is experienced when people (although it is not limited to people) suffer when exposed (ie are near) any form of electric field.

As one would expect, symptoms vary according to the individual. However, some typical symptoms include headaches, visual disturbances, hearing loss or noises, body aches and pains, vertigo, cardiac issues, breathing issues, digestive disturbances, skin conditions, fatigue, sleep disorders, chronic pain, to name a few.

Just one or a combination of these can be experienced.

These conditions can be accompanied by anxiety, depression, mood swings, brain fog, memory loss, difficulty concentrating and more.

Typically, it’s these mental and emotional problems that preceded the physical issues. When these areas go unheeded, the body takes over the imbalance.

What are Some Typical Triggers of Electrosensitivty?

Some suffer when sitting under fluorescent lights for even a short period. Some suffer with LED lighting. Some suffer when they are near electric poles or pylons. Some suffer near generators.

Perhaps the overwhelming majority suffer from exposure to wi-fi and the microwave radiation from mobile/cell phones.

Without taking pro-active action, problems will worsen. Then the outlook is bleak, leading to total incapacity to function normally.

Which means you do need to take these conditions seriously, as mainstream medicine is likely to make things worse.

What is the reason for electrohypersensitivity?

Although it is likely that everyone is adversely affected by the increasing radiation smog we find oursaelves in, some react much more intensely than others.

There are at least a couple of reasons for this. One is that that individual is more sensitive than others. This high sensitivity is naturally a good thing as you notice subtle changes in your environment. Sadly, you may not have been supported in this, so may look upon it negatively.

Be assured, it’s a good thing. All you need to do is to understand it. It will always help you, when you do.

The other reason is that you’re toxic and your body is unable to de-tox itself faster than it’s taken in. 

This is a major issue that needs much work, consistently and permanently.

Supporting Those With Electrosensitivity

If you’re a long time sufferer, it’s likely you’ll know many of these measures, However, re-visiting them with a different slant may be helpful.

First of all, be absolutely positive that you can deal with this effectively. The mind can be positive or negative and both will prove itself right. Choosing the positive would appear to be more helpful.

You may not become positive overnight. You may have to work on it. One of the best ways is to un-friend all those who are negative in your life. Surround yourself with positive people, and a positive outlook. Subscribe only to those who help to lift you up.

If you live in the suburbs, you may find a rural setting more comfortable. Certainly there are those who don’t want to move or who can’t see a way. But if that sounds something you’d like, then focus on it. It’s wonderful how things fall into place when you want something, but it seems impossible.

Change all the things you can change - light bulbs to incandescent, ditch the microwave, go back to wires rather than wi-fi, ditch all the smart appliances in the home, ditch the mobile/cell phone and go back to landlines. The world managed pretty efficiently without them!

De wi-fi your computer.

Protect yourself with all the EMF and radiation protection devices now available.

Get a gauss and/or RF meter to constantly monitor changes.

Employ a building biologist to discover hot spots in your home and their invaluable advice to de-activate them.

Only eat certified organic food. Make your diet high in fresh fruit and vegetables, low in animal protein, zero processed and junk food. Prepare your own from scratch. Ditch all oils, most of which are heavily processed. Have a green smoothie every day.

Fast regularly, whatever suits you. Start small with just 24 hours. Drink water and fresh lemon water.

Exercise regularly, doing what you enjoy. Getting a sweat is preferable.

The high energy food, the fasting and the sweating all open up pathways of de-toxing.

Find yourself at least one helpful therapist. Your life is a work in progress, so regular consultations are likely to be needed. Homeopathy is perhaps the most helpful. Other natural therapies include acupuncture, bowen, chiro, osteopath, flower essences, massage.

Limit your use of medical drugs. They suppress the body. You need it to have full expression. In addition, sensitive people are often highly intolerant of these drugs, one of which may have precipitated you into electrosensitivity.

Work in a safe environment. Be prepared to change how you work as well as where. Work in the area you feel most satisfied in. Change careers if necessary. Work in the area you feel passionate about. That is likely to be your raison d’etre.

Embrace Nature! Get out into the country as much as possible. Just to be. Just to enjoy and benefit from her energy.

Follow your feelings. They are far more helpful than your logical mind, however useful that is.

Don’t expect overnight success. You’re on a journey of healing. Make do-able short term, middle term and long term goals. Keep notes so that you can see you’re making headway.

Celebrate when you achieve each goal.

Once you make progress, you can be a shining light supporting those with electrosensitivity.

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