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Healing Pain Holistically, At Its Core 

by Madeleine Innocent 

Healing pain holistically means the pain is healed at the very core. It means whatever caused the pain in the first place is removed energetically or otherwise made inert.

And that results in returning your health to how it was before. It doesn’t mean taking regular pain killers to enable you to sort of function. It doesn’t mean removing the painful part, such as joint replacement. It doesn’t mean cutting nerves to stop the pain.

It may also mean that you are healthier than you were before, because the right treatment can heal your tendency to fall foul of whatever it was that caused the pain in the first place.

Areas of Pain in The Body From Injury

Injury is one of the most common causes of pain. An injury will invariably damage soft tissue, whatever other damage occurs. It could be from a minor scratch to a severed limb.

Typical symptoms of soft tissue damage is an aching, a soreness. Inflammation is normally present with swelling and redness. The pain is constant. It’s difficult to get comfortable. Even the softest chair or bed seems uncomfortable, when the pain is bad enough.

Going in deeper, the next part of the body to be damaged by an injury is the nerves.

Nerve pain is like an electric shock. It’s a sort of zapping. It only lasts a microsecond and shoots away from the damaged area. There can also be a burning sensation. If enough of the nerves in the area have been damaged, numbness can set in.

You can also experience nerve pain after an injury where the soft tissue remains tense, preventing say, a joint, from slipping back into place. The nerve essentially isn’t damaged, it’s the soft tissue that needs the help. This is often found in slipped discs, sciatica, shoulder injuries and any other joint.

If the injury was deeper still, the next area to be affected in a serious injury are the bones, the hard tissue.

The symptoms of injured bones can be very intense pain, particularly when the area is moved. Remaining absolutely immobile eases the pain.

Shock can be part of a bad injury. This is more emotional pain than physical, although just as valid, if not more so.

Injuries are not limited to the obvious damage we do to ourselves regularly. They include over doing exercise causing muscle aching, burns, frostbite, surgery, childbirth, etc.

Most injuries are an acute condition, meaning they will resolve on their own. The more serious ones that don’t resolve on their own become chronic conditions and take longer to treat. They can also be quite complex to treat.

Treating pain holistically can shorten the time taken to heal and affect a true healing process.

An acute pain that is not injury related includes:

  • appendicitis
  • gallstones causing acute pancreatitis
  • headaches from an acute condition such as dehydration or lack of sleep
  • passing kidney stones
  • toothache
  • reaction to a medical drug
treating pain

Areas of Pain in The Body From Chronic Conditions 

Apart from serious injuries already discussed, there are many chronic conditions that cause pain including:

  • migraines
  • herpes zoster, often known as shingles
  • myocardial infarction, or a heart attack
  • any inflammation anywhere in the body, such as arthritis and gout
  • endometriosis
  • neuralgia, including fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis
  • ulcers - both stomach and peptic
  • menstrual issues

These pains are indicative of a deeper problem that needs attention. Just dealing with the pain will not give lasting relief and can lead to an early demise where the problem affects vital organs or systems.

Pain is Resistance

When you resist something, essentially you’re fighting it. Fighting something is not in your true nature. It means you’re not in sync with yourself at a core level. And that creates pain.

Resistance very often comes from the mind, your thinking. When you come across something that challenges that thinking, you can automatically go into resistance without even being aware of it. It very often comes from a childhood habit that was set up to protect yourself from some hurt.

Now it’s ingrained as a habit.

To remove old habits that are no longer useful or of service to you, as well as to get to the core issue of your pain, it’s difficult to go past the effectiveness of good and regular homeopathic treatment. Treating pain holistically, as good homeopathic treatment does, offers you a new, pain-free life, where you become free to be who you are, unrestricted by pain.

treating pain holistically

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