Natural Pain Management

The Value of Natural  Pain Management

by Madeleine Innocent 

The value of natural pain management can take you way beyond your wildest dreams. It’s a shame more don’t use it.

Pain management, by its very description, tends to make you believe that the pain will be with you for life, or a long time, and that the only solution is to manage it.

That may very well be true for the medical industry.

However, it is not the same for holistic treatment, especially with homeopathy.

natural pain management

The Causes of Pain

In the first instance, when dealing with a new patient suffering with pain, homeopaths need to understand how it happened, what the current symptoms are, what treatment has been used to date and how long ago it started.

Acute pain, meaning pain that will resolve itself in a short time, is treated very differently from chronic pain. Chronic pain means it won’t resolve on its own. It needs help.

A skilled homeopathic home prescriber could easily deal with acute pain very effectively.

However, the successful treatment of chronic pain needs much more knowledge, and time, to effect a true healing. And this is where good homeopathic treatment comes in.

Pain takes on a variety of expressions. It could be a pain of an injury, whether soft tissue, hard tissue of nerve tissue. Or a combination.

It could be from chronic inflammation. Many times, that is from the diet. The diet is too acidic, which causes many problems. Humans are alkaline beings so the diet should be at least 80% alkaline. This means a high amount of fresh fruit and veggies. Few people manage that.

Chronic pain tends to develop slowly when the diet is at fault. Over the years, the body tries it utmost to keep equilibrium. However, no one can operate indefinitely when the wrong ‘fuel’ is used. It’s true for all machinery. It’s also true for all life.

Suppressing Pain

The medical industry can’t heal chronic pain. The best they can do is to suppress the symptoms.

Although that may be an attractive thought when deep pain is experienced, the toll it has on the body cannot be overlooked. You can be swapping a quick fix for long term damage.

All drugs deplete the effectiveness of the liver, the digestive system and other organs and systems in the body. The immune system becomes depleted, Energy drops. Sleep is affected. Irritation increases. Tolerance drops.

In addition, the original condition could be worsening, without your knowledge.

Natural Pain Management

Good homeopathic treatment can, over time, heal the cause of the pain. It supports the valiant efforts of the body. It does not suppress the pain. However, with the cause gone, or going, the pain levels drop dramatically.

Diet is important. While fast food and ready meals are attractive, it’s better to take the time to prepare your own food. Remember, that the food you eat is the fuel to keep you operating well. Take it seriously.

It’s not uncommon for people to take better care of their car, home or any other object of value, than of themselves.

Yet when their own health is valued and cared for holistically, everything improves. You’ve set the process in motion.

The value of natural pain management, especially using homeopathy, cannot be overstated. It can lead to a healthy, happy life that is fulfilling. Your healthy immune system is there to protect you. Don’t deplete it.

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